Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fall is creeping closer

The weather finally gave us a little break.   Last week the humidity was off the chart and it was rough to do anything outside--like run.   The humidity has finally given way to clear skies and lower humidity with a slight breeze--the beginning of the Fall feel.   Fall is my favorite time of year, clearing and less humidity, football and harvest time as well.    This year I have two meets in the Fall, The first Sunday in September in Lexington, Ky and later in the month the Greater Nashville District Qualifier will be held near the river in Nashville. 

Last night I started to work on some of the speed work required for the sprinting.  I went to one of favorite spots at Crockett Park and ran on the soccer fields.   I ran several 100 m sprints on the grass with spikes to find my pace for the 400 m.  My pace was pretty solid at 14.6 to 15.0 seconds for each pass.   I will continue to work on the speed work till race day in Kentucky.    I am continuing to experiment with compression wear on my legs and arms as well.  The arm compression sounds goofy, but I have seen some of the women Olympian sprinter use them.   I thought they were just an add for Nike, but there appears to be some merit.   I plan on using them in KY to see if they do anything.  They have all their sprints in one afternoon, so recovery will be key to success.  I have a pair of Adidas made that I like and wear, they are tight and getting them on is a struggle. 

I have several sets of arm covers, some are compression, some are not.   I do have one set that is bright pink and I look like a old man with water wings when I use them.  see below. 
I have settled on my basic equipment for this season, I like to get into something new each season to see if it helps and it also keeps my interest in the training.  Training can be a drag if you let it, so I like to change it up with new gear whenever possible.
As far as my fitness and health, my left hip is a little achy, but that is from a combination of running and also of my mining activities. I started to remove more dirt from under the house so I could get access to area under where we will be redoing the kitchen. The head space is now close to 5 feet in some areas, but a lot of bending and dragging is required to get the dirt out. I purchased an electric hammer to chisel the dirt loose and that has greatly speeded up the process and eliminated the use of the pick axe. I still sweat buckets for some reason while working on this project--I call it my core and hip workout. We have settled on the general layout and look for the kitchen. We are now working on getting a new dining room table for the kitchen and starting to locate materials needed to make the changes.  

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Unknown

Linda picked some of our sunflowers and set them up in her little vase that greets anyone entering our back door.  I kinda looks like a Dr. Suess scene of happy little flowers singing a song of joy.  

Everybody has their hot buttons and other environmental influences that from time to time can cause distress.   One of my worst causes of stress is being unsure and not knowing what sort of outcome is expected in a certain situation.    I had exhibited this behavior since high school.  For example, when I was in athletics, before each meet or game I was a total wreck in the locker room or just prior to the races because the race or games were up for grabs. Would I be able to perform or just stink the joint up? Self doubt was ridiculous.    I would go the bathroom 5 times in 30 minutes and of course nothing happened of any consequence, but I would get that wound up over competition.  I am getting better now, but not much.

I have been wearing a Nike wrist band for a couple of months that measures the amount of activity or movement over time and calculates some number that represents your  fuel burn.   I call mine, the Tattle Tail, because it lets you know if you are moving or burning any energy.  Last week, during air travel  from Nashville to Spokane , Idaho it was useful  for defining my level of Unknown.    The plane leaving Nashville, was broken and we would have to make new connections ( unknown) to get to Spokane much later than planned.   After getting to Salt Lake City,  that plane was broken as well ( just enough to get me aggravated about this unknown).  2 out of 3 legs had bad planes--Delta does this regularly to me.  I finally made it, 8 hours later than planned and not in the best of humor.  I do not like this sort of failure and Delta had quite a string of failures for me on their regional jets.    Regional Junks would be a better moniker.    I looked at my fuel burn for that day and it was pretty high for someone that sat a lot or walked most of the day.   I could have done a hard workout and not burned that much fuel !!   I was quite stunned at the amount of energy burned and it all relates to the unknown...  I am still not of fan of not knowing and I really do not see this improving much for planes, airports and rental cars.    I am getting better for meets, I have cut down from 5 times in the bathroom to 2 or 3, but at my age there are now legitimate reasons.  I still get pretty ramped up worrying about having a good performance, but that is my wiring and it is not going to change.  Can I win it or do my best??  that is a big unknown that every athlete always struggles.  

I am still doing some of the distance running and have started to do a little weight work.   Linda is working on some strength related activities and I jump in and do some reps.    Last week I was in Idaho and ran on a little high school track with a great view.  The Clearwater River valley was clear, warm and without any real humidity.   Great day to run some 600's.   Work went pretty good as well.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Brentwood Times

Summertime in Brentwood is painting time.   The front fence was in dire need of a paint job.   The last couple weeks, Linda and I worked on the rail fence, each gets a side and off you go, works pretty slick.   I recently finished up the gate and changed the caps on all the posts.   They previous caps were flat pieces of treated lumber that were going to be junk in a very short period of time due to warping and splitting.  Paint was  not enough to protect the tops.     I searched the internet and could only find one supplier of metal caps for a 9 x 9 inch post, so I replaced them all with copper.  I was hoping for something less expensive, but these numbers should outlast the fence and look pretty snappy.   I took the pictures as soon as I was finished, because accidents do happen with mailboxes.  I was hoping that someone would not run thru the fence with a vehicle before it was done.   

For example, many years ago in Ohio I replaced the post that held up the mailbox at my rural residence.  It looked really good, all painted up and pretty.  Next day, a friend of mine ran over it with his motorcycle and tore it out of the ground.  Next day!!  Ok, if that is way is was going to be, I will do a little upgrade on the post so it would not get destroyed so quickly.   I lived in an area where locust trees are common and I cut one of the biggest  ones I could manage for a post. I dug the hole about 4 foot deep and planted the next mail box post and packed the dirt tight.  Now try this on for size.  I figured if the snow plow got a little sloppy on his aim, he might get a little jolt if he hit it, motorcycles and small cars did not have a chance to move this thing.   Matter of fact,  I did the same thing in Wisconsin on our rural residence, I put in really big osage orange post for the mail box.    The post for that mail box would deflect nearly anything  and the snow plows were a serious threat in that area.    Enough about that.

I have been working on a little different style running for the races in September.  I have been running a 3.3 mile loop that is up hill out and mostly down hill back about 4 times a week.  I am trying to get my breathing and heart rate into a range where I only needs shorts rest periods.  I am getting better with my average speed increasing to around 10 min/mile.  I will probably keep up the 'long runs' for another 3 or 4 weeks and then start to work on the 400 and 800 distances again.   

I have also been slowly working my weight down a little, my official weight is now 197.  I have been eating  a lot of fresh garden veggies-- and we have another great garden this summer.  The third batch of corn is getting ripe and we have a lot of cukes, carrots, green beans, peppers, okra and of course tomatoes and basil for caprese salads. It is so much fun to pick it and within minutes, have it eaten.  The kidney and black beans will be ready to pick in a week of two and we will make a big batch of chili for the freezer. .    Yum Yum.   I have also reduced my beer consumption significantly.  I replaced those carbs with real food and some other sugars.  Chocolate milk works pretty darn good.  So far, so good on reducing the beer, I have a couple only one or two nights a week.  That is a big improvement.

As part of the search for the 'clothing advantage' I purchased some 3/4 length tights made by Salomon.  Salomon is known for ski and trail running gear, but these pants seem to be pretty good for my distance running.   Many clothing suppliers claim that the compression wear makes your heart work less over the same distance and recover faster.   These pants are stretch wear with an outer layer "exo" of compression material that are form fitting for the thighs and hips.   I gave them a try with, compression knee socks and compression sleeves. The pants are basically rolled on, they are really tight and take some planning to get on properly.   My entire leg and arms were compressed and I actually felt pretty good on my loop.   I did notice that my heart rate recovery was really rapid when I would take a  break or walk.   I will keep trying different combinations, if nothing else to break the routine or boredom of distance running.

I thought about showing a picture of 'before' from the front of the house taken two years ago.  But I didn't, because it would make you wonder why in the heck we bought this overgrown mess.  And I would have to agree with you.  But,  I am glad we bought the place, now two years in,  we can finally calm down and enjoy the grounds, the really messy stuff outside has been fixed.  The kitchen is next, the plans are already being refined.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Music City

Nashville is the Music City in more ways than one.    Linda and I went downtown last Friday night to get some dinner, one of those situations where you just see what happens.   We were going to eat at a little restaurant in the new Omni Hotel which is right smack in the middle of downtown.   Parking was a piece of cake, give the keys to the valet and the restaurant comps your parking.  Katy Perry was doing a show next door at the Bridgestone, so the place was pretty lively around showtime and a lot of hustle was headed to the arena.   Dinner was fun, we had some southern food done with a little twist, quite good.   Although,  the strawberry -rhubarb pie could not hold a candle to Linda's or Lillian Beeler's.    Linda makes great pie with the lard crust and  some zing to it and Lillian made pie for me while I worked on their farm doing college.  You feed a college kid, he will work his ass off.   Lillian only cut the pie in to 4 pieces!! Get ready for some yum,  the L's both deliver.

After dinner we took a little walk down to Broadway and enjoyed the neon.  The usual crush of tourists and bachelorette party's filled the sidewalks, adult midway at the county fair everyday.   We ducked into Ernest Tubb's record store to check on a new country artist we had heard and  wanted to get his latest stuff.   Ernest Tubb's is breathe of fresh air, a whole lot of signed pictures of artists long gone that were big stars in their day line the walls, some really cool stuff.  A lot of priceless articles.   We wanted to get some Sturgill Simpson,  who we heard on "The Prairie Home Companion" radio show when it was in Nashville.   PHC comes every year to the Ryman and does a show and always has some top flight talent and many times some really good new stuff.  This year along with Brad Paisley and Sam Bush, Sturgill performed.   Wow!!  he was really good.   Garrison really liked him as well.  

I was gawking at some pictures  as we entered the store and Linda marched right into the back part of the store  and picked up  disks released in  2013 and 2014.  Pretty simple to get the hard core stuff in Ernest Tubb's.  When we checked out, the cashier had seen him live and  we chatted about Sturgill's voice and career.   Sturgill sings real country, not reborn rock and roll.  He leaves out the pick up trucks, cutesy crap and writes the real hard core pain and done me wrong stuff.  Sometimes his voice really sounds like Waylon Jennings--really.    I have listened closely to  one album twice and he is great with lyrics, and his stories can stir some real emotion.   We will keep an eye out for him and hopefully get to see him live.   He is gonna be big time pretty darn soon.  Check him out.  

I have been working on road work for my training as of late.   I have been running on a asphalt trail that is over 3 miles long and basically goes past our house.   My wind is improvely slowly, but it is fun and is low risk and I can run late in the evening or whenever.    I have also started experimenting with some new running gear.  Salomon, which is known for skiing and hiking gear, makes some capri type compression pants for men that are designed to compress the thighs and hips and reduce injury and all the other claims.  I bought a pair on sale  at REI and like them quite a bit. They are tight and they take some wiggles and prancing around to get on properly. 
 I will test them for speed perfomance in the near future, but they have really helped keep the leg soreness at a minimum during the longer runs.  I love to play with the new technology and see if I can perform better.   

Friday, June 27, 2014

Post Race review

I had a lot of positive feedback from the latest post about the race and I appreciate that.   I am happy somebody actually  reads these posts.  Linda is my biggest cheerleader and I thank her for posts and links that let a lot of people know how the meet went and the results.  Thanks Honey!!

After the race, I had a chance to look realistically at my performance and I am quite happy with the times in the shorter events.  The 400 was a little slow to be competitive at Nationals.    As a result, I am going to work on a little different training regiment to see if I can get that time a little lower.  I have not broke 1 minute since I started this Sr. Olympian and that is still a goal.  I did a 61.03 in 2010.   I have two meets in September that I plan on participating--TN District Qualifier and the KY State Finals which this year is in Lexington.   I will use these events as a way to test the different training and see if there has been any time improvement.   KY is an open meet to all states and I have ran it a couple of times and it is a fun meet.  The weather is generally wild-wind, rain, nothing normal.   The talent does vary a bit, but generally there is some quality competition to measure your progress.   The KY meet will be at Transylvania Univeristy in Lexington.  There has got to be a joke in there, somewhere.

I am going to work on more road work this summer with the intention of working my weight down (I ran at 198 last weekend) and getting my fitness level a little better so I have the wind down the stretch of the 400.  There are a lot of running paths close to our house and last night I ran/walked the 3.5 miles out and back loop that is 50 % uphill out and 10% uphill coming back.  I base my work on my heart rate and it is getting better and my breathing is now the limiting factor.  I have a great place to train, I just need to keep at it.   I am also limiting my beer intake.  I was bordering on a problem with the quanitites that I could consume.  This change is my routine is not easy when I travel.

With summer finally here, we will pick our first red tomato today!!  Linda is ready for a really juicy caprese salad, me too.   I have been eating fresh sweet corn for about a week and snap beans for a a couple of weeks.   The garden is doing well again this year and now it is time to enough the good fresh stuff, yum...

Monday, June 23, 2014

Tennessee State Finals

 Eleanor is why the Senior Olympics exist--hope for everyone to achieve their best.   She participated in the 800 and 1500 meters events at this last weekend's Tennessee Senior Olympics State Finals. She spent 20 years in a wheel chair and finally had both knees replaced with artificial joints two years ago.  During her recovery, her trainer-- that she hired , encouraged her to get into the Senior Olympics.  Here she is, going round the track in stifling heat, loving it.  I heard her yell out " these zippers in my knees are coming loose" and knew she had knee replacements.  I told my wife about her and they had a good cry together.  Compete?  Why not, Evelyn is living proof.   

In the middle is George Speros and on the right is Charlie Baker.  I am not sure about the gentlemen on the left.  George does most of the track events and gives maximum effort the entire event.  He is the classic bulldog that is not gonna let go.  I just love watching and yelling for him.  When you talk with him, he is never "feeling" that good, but wins a lot.   Charlie holds a bunch of state finals records in track and is just a class act and he wins a lot as well.  He has also collected a lot of medals at the National meet.  These two have been at it forever and I actually saw them trading phone numbers, I hope they  can continue forever.  These two are my all time  favorite male athletes at the Finals and really demonstrate the true essence of the games--compete at your best, root for everyone to do their best, win or lose-- no regrets.  They are real treasures of the sport.

Ok, now for this guy.  It was hot, I like it hot, but it was hot!!  I ran the 400 meters Saturday morning and got smoked by Jerry Crowe from Kingston.  It is the first time he had made it the State Finals and he was in great shape and smoked me by 4 seconds.  I ran in the mid 64's.  We chatted some on Sunday, he had done his research and knew who could put up some fast times and he was prepped.    I skipped the 100 meters Saturday night, I am snake bit for this race and won't race it at the Nationals any ways.  Linda and I went to a party and I had some cake--yum.  Cake is always a big deal for me.  Of course,  pie is too.
On Sunday, the 50 meters was first out of the gate in the morning.   I won it by an eyelash.    Mr .  Bean and I have been locked in a dead heats for years in the 50 and 100 meters.  It was my turn this trip.  I ran a 7.46 second time on a great start out of the blocks.   I still hold the state record in this age group in the 50.  I defended  it one more season.  It won't be long before it is lowered, but I have held it for 3 years running (since we started running it) and I am pretty proud of that.  The 50 meter race in the young men group was also a great race as well- 4 guys within a step. 
The best race of the day, for excitement,  was my heat of the 200 meters.   PJ and Jerry Crowe were in the heat.  PJ beats me on a regular basis and Jerry just smoked me in the 400 the previous day.  It was going take some real effort to win this race.  Jerry was in lane 7 and PJ was in 5 and I was in 3.  Great draw for me, I could see everyone as we ran through he stagger.  At 60 meters, I was in third by a long ways and made my move and stood on the gas at the 80 meter mark.  This is one of the races where you got to get on it early and keep on it the rest of the way, that is what I did.     PJ had a problem at the end of the curve and pulled up, I hope he is OK with nothing serious.  PJ had his entire family cheering for him at this meet and  he was forced to pull up.   That bites.  Jerry had a sizable lead at the end of the turn and at the 150 mark, I don't know how, he started to come back to me and I ran him down and outleaned him for the win.  By an eyelash again!   Linda videoed the race and I made up 5 meters in the last twenty for the win!!  Wow, that was exciting!! When I finished, it was unclear to me who won, I really put on a major lean job and was worried about not wrecking as I finished.  I know it was pretty intense, because my entire body was really alive with adrenaline and I was really pumped up at that point-- maximum effort buzz I guess.  I don't think Linda's feet were touching the ground, she was really excited as well.  I got a lot of congrats from the other competitors on this finish--they got their money's worth on that one. I ran a 27.52 , which the fastest time in the last two years for me.  But it was just a great race.  It feels good to win one like that. 
I chatted with Jerry after we caught our breath, which could have been 10 minutes later, who knows.  He said he did not see me coming, which is probably why I ran him down.   Hopefully,  Jerry makes it back, he is very fast and a great competitor.    I would love to have another race like that--it was exciting. 
All my finishes will qualify me for these three events in Minneapolis next July for the Nationals Finals.  I will train like I am going and hopefully I can make it Up North. I will be the old guy in my class, but I like to race, and you never know what can happen.  It is a fun meet.    More later, but I hate to bore my faithful followers.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

In My Own Little World

Tonight was the final work out before the meet this weekend. I went back to the same track for the third night running and did my usual warm up and ran 8 sets of parachutes runs of 150 meters each.   Parachute running help me get my running form correct with great arm swing without going real fast and minimizes any injury threat.  It is also fun, because of the exaggeration of the running form. 

I did not do my usual taping of my right foot and I did notice that I was carrying that leg a little differently while running. So, the KT is still a necessary part of my running equipment.   I was just an old guy at the track,  running some parachutes with sweat dripping off every part of my skin.  I was listening to Kacey Musgraves sing about trailers, bad relationships and being a poor waitress and really enjoying the workout.  As the workout progressed, I was getting into my own little world.  Kids were playing soccer next door, the groundskeeper was running his weed eater and the old guy was just grooving on Kacey and having some fun running into the wind on the track.  To get into your own little world you need to empty your mind of any worries and just be in the moment on your current activity.  I have rarely achieved this "own little world" state and when you do, it is worth writing about.

I think my head was on as straight as it has ever been tonight.  No injuries to fret over, training essentially finished, no work problems of any consequence, my wife likes me a lot ( her favorite) , kids are doing great, and my workout was just plain fun.   I was in Smalltown, USA just listening to my Nano and sweating up a storm. I even took a selfie--see pic.  It was special night when I take a selfie.

I head home tomorrow and rest the next two evenings.  I hope I can get into "my own little world' for about 5 minutes on Saturday and 10 minutes on Sunday.  Just an old guy at the track having some fun, grooving to the music and showing some speed.  Stay tuned...